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Daniel, Megan, and Emmanuel are a family of three from the Seattle area in Washington State, USA.  Daniel’s background is in teaching ESL and training teachers, which he has done in many countries around the world.  Megan’s background is in documentary filmmaking, including the film Lost Kites.  Emmanuel is an adorable little ham that we are blessed to have.  All love Jesus with their hearts and love serving his beautiful church. 

Mission & Vision

The Lord is calling us overseas to serve in unreached communities in Asia.  In September 2019, we are planning to do a YWAM Discipleship Training School (DTS).  This is a 6-month training program with 3 months of teaching and a 3 month mission trip.  We believe YWAM is a launching pad and place of preparation for our long-term calling in Asia.  We see the Lord using us as a catalyst for breakthrough through fasting, worship, and intercession.  We believe in mobilizing both the local and global church through anointed teaching and our gift to lead leaders into their calling and destiny.


We commit to living a life of faith and trust in God, even if it is uncomfortable.  We are dedicated to having our ear leaning into his voice for direction.  We are trustworthy and believe in integrity, character, and vulnerability in missions.  We believe in relationship, connection, and being known to a local church.  We don’t have it all figured out, but we believe the Lord will use our little bit of faith to bless many.